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Forming a Great Fitting Mouthguard

by Gretta Hawkins April 03, 2019

Forming a mouthguard can be intimidating. Especially when you are doing so for your child! There's the mouthguard (which might feel strange to them) and then there's the boiling water the mouthguard gets dropped into! And while it all might sound like an accident waiting to happen, rest assured it's not. The biggest tip for success in getting a great fitting mouthguard is prep prep prep. And if it eases their mind (and yours) practice practice practice. A solid dry run can definitely make the actual forming process less intimidating!

Start by gathering everything you will need: a pot of water for boiling, a glass of cold water, tongs and a timer. Once you've read the forming instructions and know just how many seconds you need to submerge your mouthguard in the boiling water you are ready to go. 

Once your water is at a boil submerge your mouthguard for the recommended time in the boiling water using the tongs. Next remove from water and give your mouthguard a few good shakes to remove extra water and place in mouth. It will be warm but will not burn! Press the mouthguard against and around upper teeth and while pressing your tongue to the back of your teeth suck out the excess water. The harder you suck the better fit you'll get.  After you feel you have a good fit drop your formed mouthguard in the cold water to set it. 

Now you are ready for a great game!

Gretta Hawkins
Gretta Hawkins