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FuelGard™ Mouthguard Kit with Electrolyte Tablets



NEW! Stay Hydrated and Stay in the Game
with the latest advancement in mouthguard technology!


Models:  FGSRM

  • FuelGard Mouthguard Incorporates Slow Dissolve Electrolyte Tablets, Allowing Athletes to Replenish Lost Electrolytes While on the Field
  • FuelGard Electrolyte Tablets are Specially Formulated for Athletes to Closely Resemble the Electrolyte Profile Lost During Activity: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium
  • Innovative Design Provides Maximum Protection with Five Patents Pending
  • Upper Molarguards Help Stabilize Mouthguard from Movement
  • Lower Molarguards Help Prevent Lateral Movement of Mouthguard
  • Lower Jaw Guard Helps Prevent Lower Jaw from Moving Backwards During Impact
  • Recommended for any sport or activity requiring a mouthguard to help athletes maintain optimal levels of hydration and a consistent electrolyte balance.
  • Custom Fit in 30 Seconds

FuelGard Mouthguard Kit Includes:  2 FuelGard Mouthguards, 2 Mouthguard Bungees, 1 Tube of FuelGard Electrolyte Tablets

Tablet Flavor:  Fruit Punch Flavored Electrolyte Tablets

Nutrition Information: Click here

Instructions:  Click FuelGard Mouthguard Forming Instructions

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