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On the Field Hydration

by Gretta Hawkins June 10, 2016

FuelGard was the vision of youth and high school football coach Victor Hawkins. After seeing a rise in the number of players missing practice time due to muscle cramping and side effects of dehydration, Coach Hawkins began looking for a solution that would keep his players hydrated AND on the field. Incorporating electrolytes into a player's mouthguard was the ideal solution... and FuelGard was born.

Determined to bring FuelGard to athletes everywhere, Coach Hawkins partnered with industry leader SafeTGard to bring this revolutionary mouthguard to market. Advancing the vision of FuelGard since the untimely passing of Coach Hawkins, SafeTGard has continued to develop this revolutionary mouthguard. Incorporating slow release electrolyte tablets in the mouthguard, STG FuelGard gives players superior mouthguard protection with the ability to replenish electrolytes lost in sweat and maintain a consistent electrolyte balance without leaving the field.

Go ahead... Play Longer, Play Stronger, Recover Faster!

Gretta Hawkins
Gretta Hawkins