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About SafeTGard

SafeTGard has been dedicated to providing elite athletic protection with advanced technologies to athletes for over 50 years. STG has continued to grow and evolve their products under the guiding principle that elite athletic protection should be affordable for all athletes.

Founded by Dr. A.G. Jacobs with the invention of the original “boil & bite” mouthguard, after seeing the high incidence of dental injuries in contact sports. Dr. Jacobs further saw the need for athletic protective gear in many other areas and STG began developing and manufacturing athletic protective gear over a wide spectrum to meet the needs of all athletes. In 2001, STG became a woman owned business when Sheila Gottsch expanded her lifetime career in the sporting goods industry.

STG's dedication to providing all athletes quality gear has been carried on throughout the years with the continual collaboration, innovation and development of new mouthguards and protective gear. This includes STG's exclusive line of Rawlings products including mouthguards, cups and supporters, compression briefs and boxers.

In addition to providing athletic protective gear, SafeTGard is an exclusive distributor in sporting goods for Bayer Products including Coppertone Suncare and Dr. Scholl’s Footcare including Tinactin.